Review: Harley Davidson's upcoming Street 750 cruiser

K Shivraj | Roadtest | April 25, 2014
Review: Harley Davidson's upcoming Street 750 cruiser

There's much excitement surrounding the Harley Davidson Street 750. It is the first new Harley Davidson after the V-Rod, which was launched over thirteen years ago. Made in India at the Harley's new manufacturing setup at Bawal in Haryana, it will be some time before the Street 750 ventures into the market.

To start with, the bike flaunts a typical Harley Davidson design - it's long and low. Dominating the front is a bikini fairing, which is surrounded by a classic-looking round headlamp. The Street 750 has the capability to grab attention with its muscular looks, despite being the smallest bike in Harley's portfolio.

The bike's handelbar is wide, in keeping with the cruiser style, while the instruments are made up of a solitary dial. The switches are well placed and offer a good tactile feel, however ther's some scope for improvement in their quality. Presenting the Street 750 with its character is the teardrop shape tank with an offset filler lid. The tank holds 13-litres, and nicely flows down to merge with the seat.

Distinctive looking is the tail section with a small lamp at the end. The dual rear springs are finished in chrome, standing out from the wheels, ending and dual exhaust which are finished in black.

The Street 750, as its name suggests, is powered by a 750cc 60-degree V-twin, liquid cooled and fuel-injected engine. It produces a peak torque of 60Nm at 4000rpm, and sends drive to the rear wheel via a toothed belt. Acceleration is strong, and the throttle response is prompt and quick. Emitting a throaty exhaust note, the Street 750 picks up speed without any fuss.

The 750cc lump exhibits linear power delivery and climbs into the three-digit speed territory without inducing any vibrations. Even while cruising at good speeds, the motorcycle seems to always have power in reserve. The engine feels eager, with a wide enough power band to make it easy to ride in town or on an open road. The ratios of the six-speed transmission complement the engines power delivery characteristics, helping the bike exhibit some strong performance.

The riding position of the Street 750 is upright, making for extremely comfortable rides. The riders feet are set forward in typical cruiser style. The bike is engineered to have a better ground clearance and more suspension travel than other Harley Davidson motorcycles sold in India, making for a more relaxed ride on our pot-holled road.

Weighing in at 222kg, the Street 750 is not a light motorcycle, neither is it very nimble. However, the bikes weight and lack of want to make sudden direction changes isn't cumbersome, like many other bikes of this type. The tyres offer good grip and lend the bike with some good cornering abilities too, just not tight corners. The single ventilated discs at the front and rear succeed in stopping the motorcycle successfully, but do lack some amount of feel. The Street 750 could do well with the inclusion of ABS.

At Rs 4.10 lakh, ex-showroom Delhi, the Street 750 succeeds in delivering the unadulterated feel of riding a Harley Davidson. In comparison to the company's other offering the Street 750 makes for very good value, and should therefore bring many new buyers to the Harley Davidson brand. The bike isn't perfect given the slightly shoddy quality and lack of feel from the brakes, but the highlight of this motorcycle is undoubtedly its new engine.

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