Mercedes-Benz envisions wearable tech as the next frontier of the connected car

WU staff | Features | December 23, 2013
Mercedes-Benz envisions wearable tech as the next frontier of the connected car

German luxury auto giant Mercedes-Benz has announced its strategic partnership with Silicon Valley based Pebble Technologies to integrate vehicle diagnostic and multisensory technologies into wearable devices.

The partnership will allow Mercedes-Benz to gain inside access to some of the newest device technologies – including wearable tech – that will make a d├ębut at the 2014 International CES. The company hopes to build integrated applications that pave the way for future in-vehicle use of mobile and other devices.

At the Mercedes-Benz CES stall, the company will show off how a vehicle can become part of the 'internet of things', and what benefits that can offer to customers. The company will modify its DriveStyle app in order to allow it to communicate with the Pebble smart watch.

Acting as a second screen to your smartphone, wearable devices can unlock quite a few features for the connected car. Some examples Mercedes has given are – information such as fuel level, door lock status and vehicle location even when the user is outside the car. When in the vehicle, users can benefit from real time hazard warnings about accidents, road construction and stalled vehicles through vibrations of the smart watch.

As technologies develop, in both cars as well as in the world of wearable tech, devices will be capable of communicating flawlessly between each other. This will redefine the status of the car as an extension of one's lifestyle, while also providing a far more involving driving experience even when the driver isn't in the car.

Recently the connected car concept has gotten a whole new meaning in terms of personalisation of the user. Carmakers are using tech to make their cars more attractive to buyers, while tech manufacturers are looking at the car as another medium in which users can experience what they have to offer.

The ever blurring lines between vehicles and tech devices is bringing in software giants such as Google into the auto trade. The next level of the connected car is envisioned to be one that drives itself, communicating flawlessly with its surroundings and the user.

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